CoLoop: The AI copilot saving you hours on qualitative analysis.

Our chat-style tool helps you dive deeper and uncover hidden themes with the power of AI. Summarise, answer questions, and write slides 10x faster than your research assistant.

It’s like a personal assistant for all your research projects

Delight clients with industry-leading decks and reports published ahead of schedule.



Add transcripts, audio, or video seamlessly from your computer or database

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Ask questions and our AI will provide answers which reference your research material

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Extract quotes and audio snippets with the click of a button, ready to export for a finished deck.

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Build a stronger understanding of your research...

Upload research material and dive deeper than ever before. Simply ask the questions you need answered and CoLoop will find referenced insights from your research material. Our AI-powered chatbot helps you build a mental model and uncovers key insights from your documents instantly.

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Save hours of time on your analysis in the process...

Upload hundreds of pieces of research material and our AI will analyse them in minutes. We support text, audio, videos, and more. Streamline your analysis and start saving time today.

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Produce high-quality decks and reports faster than ever.

Ask questions and our AI will extract quotes and audio clips from the research material in your project. CoLoop can format its responses according to your needs, ready for use in a finished deck or report. Delight clients with high-quality work finished faster than ever before.

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Revolutionising research with AI.

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