CoLoop: The AI copilot saving you hours on qualitative analysis.

Dive deeper and uncover hidden themes with the power of AI. Summarise, answer questions, and write slides 10x faster than your research assistant.

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Our systems are built to rigorous security standards. All third parties are vetted for GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliance.


We use composed pipelines of fine-tuned models to limit hallucinations and always refer back to the primary data.


Hyperlink back to evidence from any interview. Quickly retrieve verbatim or audio snippets to use in your deck.

Using CoLoop as a single qualitative analysis tool saves US-based global enterprise research firm time, money, and operational headaches


Empowering Growth: A Case Study on winning new projects

Alex Coonar


5-6 Hours Time Saving on Analysis: A Research Case Study

Alex Coonar

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Save days on each project

Upload your interviews and our AI will transcribe and analyse them in seconds. Purpose built for depth-interviews and focus groups, CoLoop addresses the most time-consuming research, helping you complete projects in record breaking time.

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Take on work you never could before

Maximise efficiency with cutting-edge AI. Researchers who use CoLoop are able to drastically reduce project costs, making previously challenging projects possible for agencies and their clients.

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Produce high-quality decks more efficiently than ever.

Delight clients with deep and meaningful insights collected and analysed from more qualitative data. Upload interviews, ask the questions you need answered, and away you go.

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Revolutionising research with AI.

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