Empowering Growth: A Case Study on winning new projects

Alex Coonar

We gathered feedback from a boutique children’s and education focused research agency in the US. Based on their comments, CoLoop transformed their business in a number of key way. Here’s how they benefited…

1. Ability to take on much more ambitious projects than before

According to the researcher, the project was one they “probably would not have been able to do before CoLoop”.It required the analysis of 500,000 words worth of information in a few days - the equivalent of reading “Les Miserables” in one week and writing a report on it.Despite the volume of interviews required, the agency were easily able to scale the study, stating that “the number of participants doesn’t really matter with CoLoop … it doesn’t necessarily add too much time to their analysis”.This made for a happy client - who could now commission the project - and additional business for the research agency! 2. Reduced Turnaround for Project Deliverables The agency experienced a 50-70% time saving on their analysis by using CoLoop. This was made possible by:

  • Easy access to quotes - The agency loved how CoLoop’s analysis always includes reference to verbatim which can be displayed automatically
  • Central repository of data - The agency found it convenient to store and organise their data within the platform, enabling easy access to specific quotes or information whenever needed.
  • Collaboration - CoLoop allowed researchers to share data and analysis whilst working collaboratively on projects

These efficiency gains allowed researchers to focus more on deriving insights and less on cumbersome data handling processes. They said “It was a huge time saving because we would have to go through every one manually in the way we did it before”. 3. Minimal onboarding and training time The agency praised CoLoop for its user-friendly interface, emphasising that the platform was easy to navigate and use. With just a quick half-hour onboarding, researchers on the team were confident in using the tool themselves. The platform’s intuitiveness helped minimise the learning curve and allowed users to quickly grasp its features and functionalities. In particular, they appreciated how simple it was to find quotes, plug in questions, and get answers. They said, “Everything else was super simple. It’s super easy to use.” Take-aways In short CoLoop enabled the client to take on previously impossible projects, reduce analysis and reporting time by 50-70% by removing manual steps and promote a stronger yet simplified collaboration between researchers on projects.

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